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  1. ent Borgia family in Xàtiva in the Crown of Aragon (now Spain), Rodrigo studied.
  2. ent during the Renaissance.The family produced three popes of the Catholic Church: . Pope Callixtus III (born Alfons de Borja; 1378-1458) - served as pope from 8 April 1455 until his death on 6 August 1458; Pope Alexander VI (born Rodrigo Lanzol Borgia; 1431-1503) - served as pope.
  3. Like many aspects of Cesare Borgia's life, the date of his birth is a subject of dispute. He was born in Subiaco. in either 1475 or 1476—the illegitimate son of Cardinal Roderic Llançol i de Borja, usually known as Rodrigo Borgia, later Pope Alexander VI, and his Italian mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei, about whom information is sparse
  4. Rodrigo Borgia better known as Pope Alexander VI is the pope and father to four children: Cesare Borgia, Juan Borgia, Joffre Borgia, and Lucrezia Borgia.He had two mistresses Vanozza Dei Cattenei and Giulia Farnese. Appearance Edit. He is described as a devote Catholic, but he is not the perfect Catholic cardinal, let alone the perfect choice for the position of Holy Father
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  6. Cesare Borgia (Italienskt uttal: [ˈtʃeːzare ˈbɔrdʒa]; svenskt uttal: [ˈsɛzər ˈβɔrʒə]), född mellan 1474 och 1476 (förmodligen 13 september 1475) i Rom, död 12 mars 1507 i Viana, hertig av Valentinois, var en italiensk kondottiär, furste, politiker och kardinal, vars strider kom att bli en viktig inspirationskälla för Niccolò Machiavellis verk Fursten
  7. Lucrezia Borgia was born on 18 April 1480 at Subiaco, near Rome. Her mother was Vannozza dei Cattanei, one of the mistresses of Lucrezia's father, Cardinal Rodrigo de Borgia (later Pope Alexander VI). During her early life, Lucrezia Borgia's education was entrusted to Adriana Orsini de Milan, a close confidant of her father

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Welcome to a The Borgias wiki that is updated on all the latest news and spoilers! This is an unoffical wiki for The Borgias, and is not in any way affiliated with Showtime, the show, cast or crew. This wiki contains spoilers. Read at your own risk! The Borgias is a show featuring adult content of graphic language, nudity, and violence. If you browse this wiki, you have agreed that you are. The series is set in Renaissance-era Italy and follows the Borgia family in their scandalous ascension to the papacy. Mercilessly cruel and defiantly decadent, the Borgias use bribery, simony, intimidation and murder in their relentless quest for wealth and power that make them history's most infamous crime family.It stars Jeremy Irons as Pope Alexander VI with François Arnaud as Cesare. Pope Alexander VI, born Rodrigo de Borja and more commonly known as Rodrigo Borgia, is the central character of the Showtime series The Borgias.He is an ambitious, power-hungry patriarch who uses bribery and murder to secure his election to the papacy. Once placing himself and his family into power, he struggles to maintain his grip on Italy and hold off any threats against him

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Rodrigo Borgia also known as Pope Alexander VI is a main character in the first, second and third seasons. He is portrayed by Jeremy Irons, and makes his debut in the series premiere. Rodrigo is the Pope of Rome. He is ruthlessly ambitious and utterly devoted to his family. He is the father of Cesare Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, Juan Borgia and Joffre Borgia Cesare Borgia (Rome, 13 september 1475 - Viana, 12 maart 1507) was een telg uit het Italiaanse adellijke geslacht van de Borgia's.Hij was de zoon van paus Alexander VI en diens minnares Vannozza dei Cattanei.Met de hulp van de paus en de Franse koning veroverde hij de Romagna in een mum van tijd, maar verloor het weer even snel na de dood van zijn vader Pope Alexander VI, born Rodrigo Borgia was a Catalan Spanish male who was a central character in the 2011 Canal+ television series Borgia.. Borgia had come to Rome when his uncle was elected to Pope Calixtus III. He had remained in Rome following his uncle's death and continued serving in the Roman Curia under several Popes The Borgias är en amerikansk/kanadensisk/irländsk dramaserie för TV om den mäktiga italienska släkten Borgia.Serien som skapats av Neil Jordan var tänkt att bli fyra säsonger men avslutades 2013 efter den tredje. Serien har huvudsakligen spelats in i Ungern.. The Borgias utspelar sig under renässansen och berättar om familjen Borgias väg till makten över den katolska kyrkan och. Pope Alexander VI (1 January 1431-18 August 1503), born Rodrigo de Borja, was Pope from 11 August 1492 to 18 August 1503, succeeding Pope Innocent VIII and preceding Pope Pius III.Pope Alexander was the head of the powerful House of Borgia, and he became controversial for acknowledging fathering several children by his mistresses (including Pedro Luis, Isabella, Cesare, Juan, Lucrezia, and.

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The Borgia family (also Borja, Borjia or Borges) were a noble family during the Renaissance in Italy. They were from Valencia, the name coming from the family fief of Borja, then in the kingdom of Aragon, in Spain.. The Borgias became influential in religion and politics in the 15th and 16th centuries. Two popes came from this family during this time: Alfons de Borja who ruled as Pope. Lucrezia Borgia is the only daughter to Rodrigo Borgia and Vanozza Dei Cattenei.She is a sister to Cesare Borgia, Juan Borgia, and Joffre Borgia, and, later on, the mother of Giovanni Borgia.. Lucrezia is a beautiful, intelligent young lady, with a sharp mind and charming personality. She possesses many skills, such as violin-playing and dancing, and comes to the aid of her family on a number. Rodrigo Borgia; The Catalan in the Canal+ series Borgia who eventually became Pope Alexander VI. Rodrigo Borgia; The Spanish Cardinal in the Showtime series The Borgias who eventually became Pope Alexander VI. Rodrigo Borgia; The main antagonist and final boss from the 2009 videogame Assassin's Creed II The Borgia Family is the family at the center of the Canal+ series Borgia. Originally known as the Borja family, they were a Catalan family from Valencia in Spain. Originally the family came to Rome when Alfonso de Borja was elected to the Papacy as Pope Callixtus III. Callixtus brought his nephew with him to Rome, a young man named Rodrigo with him. Rodrigo would remain in Rome following his. Joffre Borgia is the youngest son of Vanozza Cattaneo and Rodrigo Borgia. He is the brother of Cesare Borgia, Juan Borgia, and Lucrezia Borgia. Joffre is the barely pubescent youngest son of the Pope. He is married to Sancia of Naples by the pope to secure an alliance with the kingdom to consolidate his papacy

Borgia was soon delivered to the inquisition in La Mancha, but escaped from there and headed to Navarre. In response Julius ordered the destruction of Rodrigo Borgia's tomb in St. Peter's Basilica. Later Cesare apparently died one night after being attacked in the woods. News of Cesare's apparent death brought the Pope a considerable amount of joy Rumors abound surrounding the Borgia Pope, painting him as a bloodthirsty tyrant willing to do anything for power and lust. For better or worse, Pope Alexander VI shaped the church, the country, and the world during his eleven years in power at the Vatican. Alexander VI Facts 1

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  1. Charles VIII was King of France, and the leader of one of the most powerful armies in Europe. King of France and commander of one of the most feared armies in Europe, he claimed the throne of Naples, and was enticed by Cardinal Della Rovere to pursue those claims, in return for deposing Pope Alexander. Insecure about his height, looks and faith, he was charmed by Lucrezia Borgia on his way to.
  2. Alexander VI. (ursprünglich valencianisch Roderic Llançol i de Borja, italienisch Rodrigo Borgia; * 1. Januar 1431 in Xàtiva bei València; † 18. August 1503 in Rom) war von 1492 bis 1503 römisch-katholischer Papst.Er war eine der politisch einflussreichsten Persönlichkeiten Italiens der Renaissance.Jahrzehntelang arbeitete Roderic de Borja darauf hin, die Tiara zu erlangen, bis er am 11
  3. Lucrezia Borgia was an Italian noblewoman and daughter of Pope Alexander VI. A notorious reputation precedes her, and she is inextricably, and perhaps unfairly, linked to the crimes and debauchery.
  4. Borgia var en mäktig valenciansk, italiensk, ursprungligen från Borja (Zaragoza) i Aragonien, en aragonisk, adelssläkt under renässansen.. Alfonso Borgia blev under namnet Calixtus III påve. Han adopterade två systersöner, varav den ene Rodrigo Borgia blev påve under namnet Alexander VI.Den andre Pedor Luis användes av Calixtus i flera militära och politiska uppdrag, och avled 1458.
  5. The Poisoned Chalice is the first episode of season one, as well as the first episode of the series. It was written and directed by Neil Jordan. In the Season 1 premiere, Rodrigo successfully bribes and intimidates his way into an election as Pope Alexander VI, making him the new leader of the Catholic Church; powerful Cardinals Della Rovere and Orsini oppose his rise; the Borgias recruit a.
  6. Cesare Borgia is one of the main characters in The Borgias. Contrary to historical facts, he is presented as the eldest son to Rodrigo Borgia and Vanozza Dei Cattenei , brother to Juan Borgia , Joffre Borgia , and Lucrezia Borgia
  7. Cesare Borgia (Italian pronunciation:[ˈtʃɛzare ˈbɔrdʒa]; Valencian: Cèsar Borja, [ˈsɛzər ˈβɔrʒə]; Spanish: César Borja , [ˈθesar ˈβorxa]; 13 September 1475 or April 14761 - 12 March 1507), Duke of Valentinois,2 was an Italian345 condottiero, nobleman, politician, and cardinal. He was the son of Pope Alexander VI (r. 1492-1503) and his long-term mistress Vannozza dei.

Juan Borgia is the middle son to Rodrigo Borgia and Vanozza Dei Cattenei.He is a younger brother to Cesare Borgia and an elder brother to Joffre Borgia and Lucrezia Borgia.He is Gonfaloniere and Captain General of the Church, both positions his brother Cesare wanted.. Upon his father's becoming Pope, Juan is bestowed the title of Duke of Gandia and head of the Papal Army Giulia Farnese also know as Giulia la bella (Julia the beautiful) or la bella Farnese (the beautiful Farnese) was one of the mistresses of Rodrigo Borgia.She meets the Pope in confession and start a sexual relationship soon after. This brings upon the wrath of Rodrigo's former mistress and mother to his four children Vanozza Dei Catteni. Lucrezia is on friendly terms with her, though deep down.

Cesare Borgia (September 13, 1475 - March 12, 1507), Duke of Valentinois was a Spanish-Italian condottiero, lord and cardinal. He was the son of Pope Alexander VI and his long-term mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei, sibling to Lucrezia Borgia, Gioffre Borgia (Jofré in Valentian), Prince of Squillace, and Giovanni Borgia, duke of Gandia, and half-brother to Don Pedro Luis de Borja and Girolama. Cardinal Borgia was elected pope on August 11, 1492; and he took the name of Alexander VI. Pope Alexander is known for writing Inter Caetera in 1493. In this papal decree, Alexander decided that some parts of South America would be Spanish or and some parts would be Portuguese. Related pages. List of popes The Borgias are the most infamous family of Renaissance Italy, and their history normally hinges around four key individuals: Pope Calixtus III, his nephew Pope Alexander IV, his son Cesare, and his daughter Lucrezia.Thanks to the actions of the middle pair, the family name is associated with greed, power, lust, and murder Pope Alexander VI (Alejandro VI, or Alexander Sextus), born Roderic Llançol i de Borja (Castilian Spanish: Rodrigo Lanzol; 1 January 1431 - 18 August 1503) was pope (bishop of Rome) from August 11, 1492 until his death in August 18, 1503. He is one of the most controversial of the Renaissance popes, and his Italianized surname Borgia became a byword for libertinism and nepotism, which are.

The Borgias provides examples of:. Acquired Poison Immunity: In Day of Ashes della Rovere gives his chosen assassin doses of cantarella poison to make him immune.; Affably Evil: How Jeremy Irons is playing Rodrigo Borgia, to a tee.. This impression is only furthered by the fact that he's one of the least all-around evil people in the show! It's hard to not feel a little sympathetic toward a. Cesare Borgia (13 September 1475-12 March 1507) was a general of the Papal States and the son of Pope Alexander VI.From the Spanish House of Borgia, Cesare was a brilliant commander who conquered all those who defied his father.After his father's death in 1503, he became a freelance general and his aid was invited by John III of Navarre in 1507 during the Siege of Viana; he was killed in action Pope Julius in 1504. In 1503, he won the papacy after tricking Cesare Borgia into supporting him, claiming that he would continue to support Borgia's campaigns in the Romagna region. He had the Borgia apartments sealed until the 19th century, refusing to sleep in the same beds as the Borgias and their mistresses Created by Neil Jordan. With Jeremy Irons, François Arnaud, Holliday Grainger, Peter Sullivan. In the fifteenth century, Pope Alexander VI tries to control all power in Italy with the help of his several sons, through murder, intrigue, war, and marriage alliances Lucrezia Borgia (April 18, 1480-June 24, 1519) was the illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia) by one of his mistresses.She had three political marriages, arranged for her family's advantage, and likely had several adulterous alliances

Borgia Family, Spanish Borja, descendants of a noble line, originally from Valencia, Spain, that established roots in Italy and became prominent in ecclesiastical and political affairs in the 1400s and 1500s. The house of the Borgias produced two popes and many other political and church leaders. Some members of the family became known for their treachery -Cesare Borgia was born the illigimate son of a Pope. Despite his status as a bastard, Cesare was sent to several high-end private schools, including a brief stint at a law school. Cesare was also made to travel in the circles of the rich and powerful of his day Aurelio Borgia Matuzzi (died 18 August 1503) was the son of Pier Giovanni Matuzzi and Isabella Borgia, and a member of the House of Borgia.In 1501, he replaced Francesc Gacet as Pope Alexander VI's Papal secretary, and he was killed during the 1503 Rome riots.. Biography. Aurelio's death. Aurelio Borgia Matuzzi was the son of Pier Giovanni Matuzzi and Isabella Borgia, making him the grandson.

TheHouse of Borgia was an Italian-Spanish noble family that rose to prominence during the Renaissance. The Borgia originated in the town of Borja in Aragon, Spain, and the family was allegedly descended from marranos (Jewish converts to Christianity), though this claim was mostly made by its anti-Semitic rivals in Italy. The family produced two Popes: Pope Callixtus III (r. 1455-1458) and Pope. Lucrezia Borgia (18 April 1480 - 24 June 1519) was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI, and his long-term mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei.Her brothers included Cesare Borgia, Giovanni Borgia, and Gioffre Borgia.. Lucrezia's family was typical of the ruthless Machiavellian politics and sexual corruption of the times. It was alleged to be characteristic of the Renaissance Papacy I hope you are referring to Rodrigo de Borja who was elected pope as Alexander VI as there is no pope named Alex Borgia.He and his son Cesare had dined with a cardinal one evening. Shortly after. Pope Alexander VI, born Rodrigo Borgia was a Catalan Spanish male who was a central character in the 2011 Canal+ television series Borgia.. Born in Spain Borgia had originally come to Rome when his uncle Alfonso Borgia was elected Pope Calixtus III. He had remained in Rome following his uncle's death and continued serving in the Roman Curia all that time under several different successive. The list of popes begins with St. Peter and continues through the present day. The pope is the head of the Catholic Church.. Peter was called the Bishop of Rome. All others who became Bishop of Rome were also recognized as popes

Directed by Antonio Hernández. With Lluís Homar, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, María Valverde, Sergio Múñiz. A portrait of the bloody dynasty that spawned a pope, Alexander VI, as well as the role model for Machiavelli's The Prince, his son Cesare Borgia, and a legend of femme duplicity, daughter Lucrezia Borgia Antonio Borgia is a male Terran from the Kingdom of Hispania. Born in the 31st century AD, he is a prince of Hispania.In addition to his royal title, Borgia is also a cardinal of the Vatican, the bishop of Valencia and minister of Vatican Public Relations (note: He only appears in the novel and manga publications). Prior to his career as a cleric, Borgia attended the University of Cologne.

Pope Alexander VI, janam ka naam: Roderic Llançol i de Borja (Catalan pronunciation: [roðeˈɾiɡ ʎanˈsɔɫ i ðe ˈβɔɾdʒa], Spanish: Rodrigo Lanzol y de Borja [roˈðɾiɣo lanˈθol i ðe ˈβorxa]; 1 January 1431 - 18 August 1503) 11 August 1492 se 18 August 1503 me aapan ki maut talak pope rahaa. Ii Renaissance time ke sabse controversial pope me se ek rahaa Borgia-Norrköping BK - A-laget Åby/Tjureda IF B Lör 21 nov 12:30 Borgia-Norrköping BK - U01-03 SBBK Sön 6 dec 12:00 Borgia-Norrköping BK - U04-05 Västerås SK Sön 29 nov 12:00 Borgia-Norrköping BK - U07 Örebro SK Ungdo Alexander Pope, född 21 maj 1688 i London, död 30 maj 1744 i Twickenham i London, var en engelsk författare och översättare. Han översatte Iliaden och Odysséen till engelska.. Han var sjuklig som barn, något som hämmade hans tillväxt och ledde till att han aldrig blev längre än 137 cm

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Borgia Industries was an American conglomerate founded by Isabella Borgia in the mid-21st century, in the aftermath of the destruction of New Way City. The company was directly responsible for the reconstruction of Neonopolis, and was also secretly behind the proliferation of stolen Yautja technology throughout the city's criminal gangs. 1 History 1.1 Foundation 1.2 Ruling Neonopolis 2 Trivia. Rodrigo Borgia, also known as Pope Alexander VI during his rule as pope, is the main antagonist of Assassin's Creed II. Rodrigo Borgia was the Grand Master of the Templar Order during the Italian Renaissance era. The Templars occupied much of Italy during the time period, often among the nobles. Rodrigo Borgia would be known to have the most bloody, debauched papacy in human history Pope Callixtus III (31 December 1378 - 6 August 1458), also known as Alfonso de Borgia (Valencian: Alfons de Borja), was head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal States from 8 April 1455 to his death. Borgia spent his early career as a professor of law at the University of Lleida; he later served as a diplomat for the kings of Aragon.He became a tutor for King Alfonso V's.

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Giovanni Borgia (March 1498 - 1548), known as the Infans Romanus (the Roman child), was born into the House of Borgia in secret and is of unclear parentage. Speculations of the child's parentage involve either Lucrezia Borgia with her alleged lover, Perotto Calderon or Cesare Borgia, or Pope Alexander VI as his father. Cesare Borgia's biographer Rafael Sabatini says that the truth is. The House of Borgia was an Italo-Spanish noble family, which rose to prominence during the Italian Renaissance.They were from Aragon, the surname being a toponymic from the town of Borja in the Crown of Aragon, in Spain; the Borgias became prominent in ecclesiastical and political affairs in the 15th and 16th centuries, producing two popes: Alfons de Borja, who ruled as Pope Callixtus III. Pope Alexander VI, born Rodrigo Borgia was the central character of the Showtime series The Borgias.. With Vannozza dei Cattanei the future Pope had four children, Cesare, Juan, Lucrezia, and Gioffre. The Showtime series reversed the order of Cesare and Juan from the Canal+ series and generally accepted real world history, making Cesare the eldest child Cesare Borgia (his son), Lucrezia Borgia (his daughter), Pope Alexander VI and a young man with an empty glass. The painting entitled A Glass of Wine with Caesar Borgia (1893) by John Collier, is said to represent the popular view of the treacherous and unscrupulous nature of the Borgias family, implying that the young man can't be sure the wine hasn't been poisoned Alexander VI, original Spanish name in full Rodrigo de Borja y Doms, Italian Rodrigo Borgia, (born 1431, Játiva, near Valencia [Spain]—died August 18, 1503, Rome), corrupt, worldly, and ambitious pope (1492-1503), whose neglect of the spiritual inheritance of the church contributed to the development of the Protestant Reformation

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The Borgia Family was a ruling family of Rome during the late 15th and early 16th century, and was allied to the Knights Templar. The family's most notible member was Rodrigo Borgia also known as Pope Alexander VI. The Borgia family was a prime target for the Assassins as Rodrigo's son, Cesare Borgia, murdered the Assassin Mario Auditore, uncle of Ezio Auditore. The Borgia family hired many of. Cesare Borgia was most noted for being an Italian politician and nobleman. In addition, Cesare Borgia was a cardinal and the son of Pope Alexander VI

Although Pope Callixtus III died in 1458, it barely hindered Borgia's power and influence in the Church. For 30 years, he served under five different popes - his uncle Callixtus III, Pius II, Paul II, Sixtus IV and Innocent VIII - all the while living like a prince, accumulating administrative experience and wealth On the path to eternal power, one ruthless man will stop at nothing to fulfill his destiny: He will be the Pope. Watch trailers & learn more Lucrezia Borgia was the illegitimate daughter of Rodrigo Borgia, the powerful Renaissance Valencian who later became Pope Alexander VI, and Vannozza dei Cattanei. Lucrezia's family later came to epitomize the ruthless Machiavellian politics and sexual corruption alleged to be characteristic of the Renaissance Papacy BK Borgia Norrköping är en bandyklubb i Norrköping, Sverige, bildade 1941 av ett gäng fotbollsintresserade grabbar i stadsdelen Skarphagen.Skarphagen tillhör Norrköpings Borgs församling, och därför kom namnet Borgia till.Namn som Olle bagarn Eriksson, Rune Frippe Eriksson, Åke Moset Johansson, Loppa Almgren, Kalle Jonsson och Svenne Karlsson fanns med från början Chapter 2. The Pope's Shadow; Chapter 3. The Venus of the Vatican; Chapter 4. The Papal Libertine; Chapter 5. Tasting the cup of the Borgia Chapter 6. The Infant of Rome Chapter 7. A Borgian Tragedy; Chapter 8. Souvenirs of the Borgia; Chapter 9. Rome still honors the memory of the Borgia

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Lucrezia Borgia (or Lucrecia Borgia) (April 14 or April 18, 1480 - June 24, 1519) was the daughter of Rodrigo Borgia, the powerful Renaissance Spaniard who would later become Pope Alexander VI and Vannozza Cattanei.Her brother was the notorious despot Cesare Borgia pope. Definition från Wiktionary, den fria ordlistan. Hoppa till navigering Hoppa till sök. Engelska Substantiv . Böjningar av pope Singular. Pope Alexander VI. 402 likes · 1 talking about this. Roderic Llançol or Roderic de Borja i Borja -- Italian: Rodrigo Borgia -- The most controversial of the secular popes of the Renaissance. His name..

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Giuliano della Rovere (Borgia) | Villains Wiki | FandomBorgia Family Now on ShowtimeJuan Borgia | The Borgias Wiki | Fandom powered by WikiaGiulia Farnese - The Borgias Photo (19420174) - Fanpop102 best Rodrigo Borgia/Alexander VI images on PinterestGiulia Farnese (Borgia) - Villains Wiki - villains, badJeremy Irons is Pope Alexander ‘Borgias’ Poster | Jeremy
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